Emily Swinford, Class of 2017

Emily, her mom, Ann, and I have been talking about doing her senior pictures all summer. The thing about the summer in Western Kentucky is that it’s hot. Like really hot. And humid. Like walk outside and fog up your glasses and/or camera lens and make your hair grow four inches outward humid.

Due to the heat, we put off doing the pictures until being outside was bearable. Last week I rented some extra gear for a wedding so I texted Emily to see if she’d be available for a last minute shoot to get some summertime Senior portraits done.

Pretty sure waiting for the heat to break was worth it for some of these gorgeous shots.

As a dancer, posing and smiling-with-her-eyes-but-not-quite-with-her-mouth are basically second nature to Emily.

We walked around downtown Paducah dodging Pokemon Goers for awhile before heading out to the Greenway Trail to get some really wonderful golden hour shots. We didn’t quite make it to all the spots we wanted, though, so you’ll be seeing more of Emily throughout her senior year.

Congrats on your senior year Emily!!

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