Emily Swinford, Class of 2017

Emily, her mom, Ann, and I have been talking about doing her senior pictures all summer. The thing about the summer in Western Kentucky is that it’s hot. Like really hot. And humid. Like walk outside and fog up your glasses and/or camera lens and make your hair grow four inches outward humid.

Due to the heat, we put off doing the pictures until being outside was bearable. Last week I rented some extra gear for a wedding so I texted Emily to see if she’d be available for a last minute shoot to get some summertime Senior portraits done.

Pretty sure waiting for the heat to break was worth it for some of these gorgeous shots.

As a dancer, posing and smiling-with-her-eyes-but-not-quite-with-her-mouth are basically second nature to Emily.

We walked around downtown Paducah dodging Pokemon Goers for awhile before heading out to the Greenway Trail to get some really wonderful golden hour shots. We didn’t quite make it to all the spots we wanted, though, so you’ll be seeing more of Emily throughout her senior year.

Congrats on your senior year Emily!!

Rachael & Phylyp

On August 6, 2016, Ben and I travelled to Fairbury, Illinois to celebrate with Rachael and Phylyp Johnson. Fairbury is a tiny town about an hour from Champaign, Illinois.  Fun fact: AT&T has no service in Fairbury, so if you want to visit Kilgus Farmstead or Livingston County’s Oldest Family Farm then maybe just print the directions ahead of time 🙂

The town and wedding was full of charm, fun and a pretty stinking cute couple.

Rachael and Phylyp couldn’t have asked for a more perfect August day to celebrate their love for one another. They said their “I do’s” at 3:00pm at St. Andrew’s Parish – Rachael’s home church. Their love story, though, started a long time ago.

High school sweethearts since they were both on the cross country team in 2008, their friends and family were beyond excited to celebrate these two tying the knot.


Phyl and Rachael capped of their day with a great party complete with a choreographed father/daughter dance, a photo booth and probably collectively the funniest wedding toasts I’ve ever heard.

Congrats you two!


new here


I’m so excited to share my life and photography with you through a blog. Over the past five years I’ve started several other blogs (no I won’t link to them because umm that’s embarrassing), but I’ve never managed to stick with them. I think centering my blog around photography, with a little life added in here and there, will keep me active and give you a chance to see what I’m working on. Plus I love showing off my clients!

Just a quick background about my photography…

I started shooting in high school as part of the yearbook staff (s/o to The Roughneck staff of 2006!). I developed a love for photojournalism and sports photography and was always the designated photographer anytime friends wanted to take jumping pictures. After grad school I picked the hobby back up along with my sisters in law, Jessi and Abby. Together, the three of us formed Harris Photography where we got the chance to capture so many beautiful families, seniors, couples and babies for three years.

Jessi got married in December of 2014 and moved to Nashville with her new husband, Micah.


Abby started a Pilates certification program through the Pilates Center soon after that plus started investing her talents in videography too (I did not take the picture below).


In January of 2016, Ben and I moved to Paducah, Kentucky to help launch The Crossing in Paducah.

With all the changes and all three of us in different states I decided to take a small break from photography to really figure out where I wanted my photography to take me. After a few months off, many conversations with Ben, and evaluating what my goals were I decided to break off from Harris Photography and start my own photography business – Kim Harris Photography.


I already miss working alongside my family (and two great friends!), but I’m excited about the challenge of striking out on my own, delving further into my style of photography and I hope you’ll join me along the way!